Jessie Reuteler, 2010

Position(s) in the Group:

Arrangements: Breakfast At Tiffany's, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Everytime We Touch, Snow (Hey Oh), The Star-Spangled Banner, Where I Stood, Whispering Pines, White Flag

Solos: Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Flagpole Sitta, Snow (Hey Oh)

Member since: 2006

Nickname: J-Reu

Birthday: November 8

Guilty Pleasure: The Office.  I've had to cut myself off on catching up from Season One, due to a complete lack of willpower/self-control.

Broccoli?: Trees!

Favorite quote: Robert Hutchins, former University prez who eliminated our varsity football program and revoked our membership in the Big 10: "Whenever I feel the urge to do something athletic, I lie down until that feeling goes away." Wise words.

Type A or Type B?: No one is actually on Veronica's side. No one.

What inspired you to get involved with a cappella?: Years of being in an orchestra and yearning for a less-nerdy musical output.