Something in the Water

Originally Performed By: Men in Drag

Music By: Brianne Holland

Lyrics By: Margaret Gray

Arranger: Brianne Holland

Recorded On: Late Nights, Parades (Solo: Aya Smith)

Awards: Nominated: ACA 2013: Favorite Original A Cappella Song, Winner: CARA 2013: Best Scholastic Original Song

Featured On: Voices Only 2013

Seasons Performed: 2012-2013

Solo: Aya Smith

Fall 2012: Something in the Water
Solo: Aya Smith


I request an introduction
I think there’s someone you should meet
You’ve seen her on the subway
And you’ve passed her on the street
She’s been around forever
Watching history re-re-re-re-repeat

She’s got words in her lungs
And fire in her soul
And she doesn’t need you or anyone else to hold her hand
While she loses control
And she’s got so many answers
To the things she doesn’t know

So test her
Try her
Just try to knock her down
This girl is more than you bargained for
You can’t throw her to the ground
And she’s more than you ever imagined and she lives in every sound

We've got warpaint on our tongues
We'll make it count for all it's worth
And our voices will echo like sirens across every corner of the earth
Oh, this is our revolution
This is our rebirth

So breathe in
Dig deep
Find her spirit inside your own
Show the world what we’re made of
You don’t have to face it alone
Oh, it's easy to win this war that we're in when they fight with sticks and stones

There’s something in the water
Someone's holding up their hand
Somewhere the flames are getting stronger
Sometimes you need to take a stand

There’s something in the water
There’s something in the water...