Chloe Atchue-Mamlet, 2015

Position(s) in the Group:

Arrangements: Changing of the Seasons, Oh No!, Royals, Syrup & Honey

Solos: Never Forget You

Member since: 2011

Major: Quite possibly Computer Science. Or Math. Though I do love me some humanities.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Nickname: Chlo

Birthday: July 7

Guilty Pleasure: Listening to Simple Plan. Except I don't feel guilty about it.

Favorite Music: Adele, Good Lovelies, Carsie Blanton, The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, pretty much all a cappella, and anything that makes me feel happy!

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?: To go about my daily life without falling or crashing into things

Secret Talents: Like Karen Smith in Mean Girls, I can put my fist in my mouth. But I can't predict the weather. Sorry.

If you were a pie, what kind would you be?: Chocolate

What inspired you to get involved with a cappella?: I've dreamed about this since I was a little girl... no, but actually.