Men in Drag would like to thank everyone who came out to audition for the 2017-2018 season. We heard a lot of great singers, and after lengthy consideration, we would like to call back the following people for our next round of auditions:

Sarah Markovitz
Helena Thomas
Rosie Albrecht
Summer Aslam
Alisa Boland
Karina Cheung
Alden Herrera
Alexandra Hohenlohe
Jessica Joli
Emily Knopf
Erika Kraus
Katherine Li
Julianne Lorndale
Elyse Lynch
Grace Mayer
Yanitza Roman
Meera Santhanam
Justine Shih
Gaby Sterkowicz
Jazmin Tweedle
Ashley Wang

Congratulations to those called back! If you weren't called back, please realize that it is very hard for us to pick just a few names from such a large audition pool. Some of our current members weren't accepted on their first try either, so please consider auditioning again next year!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the auditions process. If your question isn't answered there, feel free to email us at