Click Here for Fall 2015 Audition Updates

The next time we hold auditions will will be in fall 2016, and we are so excited to meet our next generation of women! Auditions will be held during the first week of fall quarter, and we'll update this page with more details as we get closer to September. Until then, feel free to say hi—we can't wait to meet you!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the auditions process. If your question isn't answered there, feel free to email us at

10 Reasons to Join Men in Drag

(psssh as if you NEED a reason)

  1. This face. We make it a lot. If you're to become one of us, you need to do it too.
  2. Because, despite our name, we're not actually this.
  3. Kat Bovbjerg (aka: the punisher). She doesn't actually punish people—she just makes amazing puns. And trust us, you want to be around when she does.
  4. No one does concerts like Men in Drag does concerts. Previous concert themes include Risky Business Casual, 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain't One, MiDentity Crisis, and Puff the Men in Dragon. Who knows what this year will bring!
  5. MiD is comprised of incredibly talented women—musically and otherwise. Nora is in this awesome band with several other UChicago students called Gutenberg and the Illuminators, and she and Alison are also in the UChicago circus. Lekha is an insanely gifted dancer, and Frances is a musical genius. We all learn so much from one another, and being around people who are so passionate about what they do is inspiring.
  6. We challenge gender conventions. 'Men in Drag' isn't just some catchy name for a typical a cappella group. We do things that many female groups don't: we perform countless songs originally done by male artists, we rap, and we're not afraid to raise some eyebrows with a raunchy parody of an iconically heteronormative music video. When you think of all-female a cappella, we want you to think of innovation and creativity and fun and sass and swagger. In other words, Men in Drag.
  7. Winter tour. So yes, tour is about exposing our music to new audiences, but honestly, when you look back on tour several years later, what you'll remember most are the movie nights, holiday parodies, late-night bonding sessions of never-have-I-ever, and dance parties. It's a magical time. Rachel, one of our second-years, described tour as one of the "best weeks of her life." Folks, you just can't argue with those results.
  8. We have an incredible year ahead of us! Fall quarter is all about learning new material, teaching the new members our repertoire, and putting on a killer first concert. Then we shake up the East Coast on our winter tour, record our next album, host our annual Pie/Date auction, compete at a national a cappella festival, and put on a spring concert. Whoa.
  9. Okay, now for the super sappy, but totally legit, reason. Joining MiD is like joining a wonderful (albeit incredibly strange) family. If you want to be unconditionally loved by an amazing assortment of ladies, then we're the group for you. Most of us consider our involement in Men in Drag to be one of the highlights, if not the highlight of our college experiences. We're also extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic group of alumnae, and we recently celebrated our 15th anniversary, so there's a whole lotta love to go around.
  10. Like to sing? ERMAHGERD SO DO WE. And we are an a cappella group, so you know, we do a little of that.

So, if you identify as female and are up for a good time (oh baby), go ahead and audition! We can't wait to hear you sing!